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With its startup selection and evaluation activities, Coopera will support next Seed Alternative Investment Fund's investment process

Fund Features.



The Vertis Venture 7 Seed Fund is an alternative, securities, closed-end and reserved mutual fund as defined by Article 1, paragraph 1, letter m-quater of Legislative Decree 58/98

Fund size: Minimum amount € 30 mln, Target € 65 mln, Hard cap € 100 mln
Duration of the Fund: 12 years from the first closing, extendable up to a further three years (3 one-year periods) at the request of the SGR with the positive opinion of the Investors
Investment Focus: The Fund invests in start-ups operating on technologies, products and/or services related to the industrial and digital sectors
ESG: The Fund supports best practices in Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI). The SGR adopts an internal policy to promote a sustainable approach to investing, based on the integration of environmental, social and governance sustainability criteria. The Fund is managed through an investment process that promotes environmental and/or social characteristics (Art. 8 of the EU SFDR)
Investment Period: 5 years from the first closing extendable by one additional year upon request of the SGR with the positive opinion of the Unitholders’ Meeting. Possibility to interrupt the Investment Period with the approval of the Investors

Investment Committee


Investing and divesting decisions are made directly by the Investment Committee, and Coopera opportunities can only be evaluated and realized by the Fund if the Advisory Committee approves them in advance

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