Founders - Advisory Committee - Scientific Committee - Team.

Founding Members


As a result of the Promoter's invitation, six companies representing a significant share of the target market, inherent to startup incubation and acceleration activities in Italy, joined the efforts to create Coopera on May 25, 2022

Advisory Committee

Coopera is a shareholder and advisor to the Fund, whose Advisory Committee serves the purpose of selecting and evaluating start-ups for post-seed investments.

Members of the Committee are the representatives of the companies that have joined together with the Promoter, which serves as a guarantor.

Delegates are appointed by each member of the Advisory Committee to assist in the selection and evaluation of start-ups

Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee is comprised of business leaders, managers, professionals, and professors with proven experience who may be asked to participate by the Advisory Committee for particular evaluations and opinions



The team made up of professionals representing all the entities participating in Coopera has been formed in order to support the activities of the Advisory Committee

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