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Despite our industrialization, Italy is lagging behind other countries in terms of supporting and financing new business ventures, which is why we are the only country without a unicorn.

New Italian high-potential ventures often need a long time to raise the funds necessary to enter the growth phase, and, despite their viability, many do not survive simply due to financial constraints



Coopera was created after a discussion among a number of startup founders on May 24, 2021, in which they highlighted the difficulty of funding high-potential startups, even for those in the industry

The Italian system is characterized by a lack of investors operating in the "post-seed" phase. These operators allocate the majority of their resources to Round A and later rounds, for amounts that typically begin at € 2 million

Coopera has been founded precisely due to this equity gap-that is the difficulty in obtaining funds in the post-seed phase for amounts routinely ranging from €500K to €1.5M

Saverio Canepa

Promoter and Founder



There are two factors that contribute to Coopera's Competitive Advantage. One is external, while the other is internal.

By exploiting its distinctive elements, Coopera turns the equity gap into an opportunity:
1. A collaboration among the most influential Italian incubators resulting in a diversified and qualified deal flow of the best Italian start-ups
2. Partnership with a well-known Italian operator that specializes in the management of venture capital funds
3. A commitment to a rigorous selection process that is shared and structured




COOPERA's model involves the close interaction and collaboration among different actors


Besides the Promoter, six Italian incubators have joined Coopera: Digital Magics, Enry’s Island, Entopan Innovation, Key Capital, LVenture and Nana Bianca. Legal Representatives are ex officio members of the Advisory Board, a collegial body which makes merit judgments on start-up companies seeking investment from its Venture Capital Fund


The Scientific Committee is composed of professionals, managers, and professors with special expertise or knowledge in the areas in which the Fund operates. When it is necessary to validate the economic, legal, or technical feasibility of a particular project, members may be consulted by the Advisory Committee to express an opinion


Coopera intends to propose a novel asset class to institutional investors – Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Banks, Pension Funds, Foundations of Bank Origin, Family Offices, HNWIs, etc. – that are currently outside their scope. With the Fund subscription, they will have the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of start-ups that have already been successfully launched for at least two years, supporting their growth and consolidation


We target start-up companies seeking capital to finance an existing business that needs to be launched and developed. Consequently, the stages of ideation, design, and experimentation have already been completed. Typically, these projects have been in existence for no more than five years and have been supported by an incubator or accelerator and have received their first pre-seed investment. As well as perfecting the product, defining the business model and obtaining early market validations, they have a well-structured team
Within five years of its inception, Coopera will become the benchmark of Venture Capital in Italy for the quality of startups that are applied for, selected and funded
— Our Vision
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