Challenge Evo Winner Awarded

This is Laura Pastore, class of 1997, a graduate student in energy engineering at the University of Calabria, who is the winner of the Open Innovation challenge proposed by Baker Hughes – a global energy-serving technology company – and implemented through the OIMAN platform.


In fact, her project, designed to make the most of surplus energy production through the implementation of a dual storage system and was found to be both effective, innovative and not complex to implement, was deemed the most deserving and innovative. Awarding the student was Paolo Noccioni, president of Nuovo Pignone TPS, Baker Hughes, who is currently visiting Calabria, where the company has a plant in Vibo Valentia.

The winning solution fully responds to the objectives of the challenge – EVO – ENERGETIC VALORIZATION OF THE OVERPRODUCTION – which targeting Startups, University Spin offs, Research Centers, as well as micro, small and medium enterprises as well as individual innovators, was looking for new strategies, models or technologies useful for the valorization of the excess electricity generated in the production cycle of the Italian plants of Baker Hughes, which in Italy operates mainly through Nuovo Pignone. Il progetto di Laura Pastore propone di immagazzinare l’eccesso di energia prodotto attraverso l’integrazione di un sistema di stoccaggio ad aria compressa con un processo di accumulo tramite batterie.

“We are delighted with the numerous responses obtained from this challenge, which touches on a sector that has never been as strategic as energy and has always been central also for Entopan and our Harmonic Innovation Hub, an ecosystem committed to the research and development of cutting-edge technological solutions capable of providing effective answers to the main environmental, social and economic criticalities in the Mediterranean area,” stressed Paolo Ciaccio, COO of Entopan Innovation. “What makes us even more proud is to see more and more young women – such as Laura Pastore – approaching STEM subjects that are fundamental to fill those jobs that do not find ideal candidates and, even more, to close the gender gap that, unfortunately, is still much talked about and increase female employment in strategic roles. Much still needs to be done but the road is marked out.”.


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